Daily Digest 12/28/11

This week has been one full of exhaustion so far. I think all of the holiday fun wore us all out.

Tuesday evening, I came home from working, stopping by the store, picking the kids up and then heading home to cook dinner and get a few other things done. Mind you, on the nights I stop somewhere it is close to 7:00 by the time I walk in the door at home. So, I get home and the husband is sitting on his bum, watching TV.

I get more than a little frustrated. There is laundry to start and dishes to do in addition to fixing the meal and getting everyone ready for bed now. Eventually I lost my cool and told him all about it. Only I wasn’t very nice about it.

Yesterday I came home and he was doing laundry AND dishes. I forgot to tell him thank you. I am going to go do that now.