My Kids Look Like Bums and I Don’t Care

Today I had one of those epic brain moments where my brain thought the start time of my eldest Girl Scout meeting was an hour earlier than reality.

So we ended up in the little town where her meetings are held ahead of schedule. When we got to the library and the librarian was just arriving to open the place up, I realized what I’d done. 

Rather than drive back home, we ran up to the little local gas station and got some treats. Then, not wanting to miss out on some gorgeous weather, we stopped by the local park. 

The entire time, the two youngest are in some of their least fitting pajamas because they had chosen to have Pajama Day, which we do quite frequently. 

Sitting in the packed park, I initially felt like I should somehow be embarrassed about their attire. Then I realized that I don’t particularly care. It’s their day off to have a good time and their clothes have very little impact in that. 

If we had planned to go somewhere, we would have dressed a little better, but improvised play is some of the most fun, and I don’t want them to miss that for the sake of appearances. Life is much too short.