Daily Digest 12/28/11

This week has been one full of exhaustion so far. I think all of the holiday fun wore us all out.

Tuesday evening, I came home from working, stopping by the store, picking the kids up and then heading home to cook dinner and get a few other things done. Mind you, on the nights I stop somewhere it is close to 7:00 by the time I walk in the door at home. So, I get home and the husband is sitting on his bum, watching TV.

I get more than a little frustrated. There is laundry to start and dishes to do in addition to fixing the meal and getting everyone ready for bed now. Eventually I lost my cool and told him all about it. Only I wasn’t very nice about it.

Yesterday I came home and he was doing laundry AND dishes. I forgot to tell him thank you. I am going to go do that now.


Failed Plans

2011 has not been a kind year for me My mind is usually scattered more than a stack of 100 $1 bills in a hurricane breeze. I am a full time working mom with three children age five and under. On a typical day, I am gone from the house about 12 hours.

Most days I feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Those are the main factors I attribute to most of my absent-minded professor syndrome.

But these days it seems to be no matter what strategy I use to tackle the overwhelming tasks stacked against me, something comes along that blows my plan out of the water. It’s hard to watch things slip through the cracks month after month.

So I’m strategizing how to tackle 2012 and conquer my obstacles. That will be an upcoming post.