2012 Goals and Progress Thus Far

So way back at the beginning of the year, you know when people usually do it, I came up with a list of goals I wanted to work towards in 2012. Then I alluded to posting them and never did. But I have been working on them and the first part of this year has been crazy and full of change.

1. Writing
(a) Fiction – I want to finish my Jess & Tyler novel this year, preferably before NaNo.
(b) Blogging – Obviously I want to blog more often.
(c) Side Job – I’d like a writing side job so I can get more professional writing experience.
2. Finances
(a) Credit Card Debt – This is a big goal for this year.
(b) Savings – This needs to be done.
(c) Save for a House – We need a bigger house to accommodate all of us.
3. Career
(a) New Job – DONE! I started a new job at the end of February!
(b) Start a business – I would like to start a home-based business.
(c) Build said business
4. Home/Family
(a) Declutter – We need less stuff
(b) Hold a yard sale – Get rid of unneeded stuff
(c) Decorate – Make our house more of a home
5. Children
(a) Better Routines – Have a smoother, better run evening
(b) Regular storytime – The kids like it when I read to them and I do too!
(c) More 1-on-1 time – Everybody needs some time with Mommy or Daddy all alone
6. Marriage
(a) Implement a date night – We rarely get time alone these days
(b) Build better communication – And we rarely get to talk to each other
7. Food
(a) Shrink grocery budget – Spend my money better so I can spend less of it
(b) More freezer cooking – Makes dinner a breeze
(c) Try new things – Certain members of my family could use to extend their palates.
8. Health/Self
(a) More exercise – Regardless of the weight management benefits, I need to exercise more
(b) Meditation Time – I need something zen to counteract the stress I have going on

There’s a lot here. I don’t intend to accomplish it all this year, but I’d like to make measurable progress in every category. I think for April I will focus on a couple of areas and really work hard to accomplish them. Then I can go from there. Wish me luck Internetz!



Over the last few weeks, I’ve neglected my blog and not posted my goals for 2012 like I said I would. But it’s all been with good reason. I am actually crossing things off the list!

We are also seeing a more normal schedule around here, so as we all adjust and are not drop dead tired all the time, I expect to have more time for hobbies and slowly get rid of my super messy house.

Most of this has been caused by the fact that I took a new job at a new company. Better pay, better hours and more flexible schedule made the decision easy. Especially given the fact that my old job was up in the air given all the layoffs occurring at all levels in that company. There are still layoffs going on, so I’m glad to be somewhere else.

I’ll dig out my goals list and post it soon, including the items I have marked off as accomplished! That last part is so exciting.