When I Lose My Husband to Hunting

It’s that time of year again. Actually, I’ve been suffering this loss for weeks with all the pre-season preparation. It’s hunting season. Those few weeks in the fall where my husband disappears into the wild only to return again when he’s either taken all his deer for the season or the season runs out. He’s a meat hunter rather than a trophy hunter, so it’s something I can live with. Not to mention that he’s been doing it for longer than I’ve known him.

But it does get lonely and it’s hard to the whole parenting thing with no break. I’m lucky that Drama Momma is staying the night elsewhere tonight and things have gone pretty smoothly with the other two.

On the plus side, there’s quiet time in my house that I usually don’t get. Downtime is a bit of a luxury for me since I am usually multi-tasking like crazy. I almost don’t know what to do with myself. I’m so behind on cleaning that it’s sad. The urge to write also runs strong, but I hit a paralysis once I get in front of the computer. Should I write fiction or articles? I want to do both, but I never know which one to start first. It’s also appealing to just unwind and surf the web reading various articles and talking to people in forums.

So I never know what to do first and end up wasting what little time I have. At least I always start this process by fixing a pot of coffee.