A Slippery (Banana) Slope

It’s 4:00 PM. I’m in the kitchen loading the dishwasher so it can run while I cook dinner.  Drama Momma asks for a banana for a snack. I tell her it’s fine and to share it with Baby Tyrant as it’s the last banana. I go back to what I’m doing. From the living/dining area, I hear some odd noises. Drying my hands, I head in there to investigate.

Banana. Smashed into the floor, peel included. My spidey senses tell me that Drama Momma though it would be fun to try slipping on a banana peel like in the cartoons. Baby Tyrant probably tossed in her chunk of banana to make a contribution to the fun.

As I sit here in the bathroom, telling their story, they are getting clean. The little tyrant got out of the tub, squatted over the bath mat and peed. I’ll call it potty training progress and at least the mat already needed to be washed.

I need a good cup of coffee and some peace and quiet. I’ll settle for the fact that the baby is sleeping soundly through all of this.


I Guess I Should Introduce Myself Before Letting Things Loose

Hi, I’m Tori. You might have seen me blogging at Life, Writing, & Other Things or Momma Needs Coffee, but I’m consolidating all of my blogging here and making a new attempt at writing.

Kids, Coffee & Chaos doesn’t have a niche focus. I’m going to write about anything and everything on my mind!