Change of Seasons

2012-08-16 18.04.49Well, things have been exciting and I’m trying to get a good grasp of it all. A year ago we moved into our new house. In the time since, I’ve been figuring out what I actually want to do with the house. At this point, I have ideas for a few of the rooms and can begin to make some updates. It only took the whole year to figure how I wanted things to be functionally.

We bought a small tractor for the yard to help with some of the repairs out there. It has a loader, a box blade, and a mowing deck. I’m pretty excited that this has made the process of getting the garden area cleaned up much easier. I might be able to grow a few vegetables this year and that’s exciting.

But first we have to shake off the last vestiges of winter. Tonight the temperature will get down to singles digits and we’ll have highs in the  mid-forties and up this weekend and into next week. I’m hoping it signals that spring is almost here. For a multitude of reasons, the most important being that the children need to go outside and play to burn off some energy.

I think for the first part of the year, I am going to focus on taking care of the house. I’ve neglected things lately and that needs to change, so I’m putting some of my other things on the back burner. In addition to the attention my home needs, I’m joining a major project team at work, so I will be devoting a lot of time and energy to it.

There are lots of things going on as the change of seasons makes its appearance. I can’t wait to see what’s in store. What sort of changes are you expecting?


Summer Fun: Little Things Edition

Sunday afternoon my oldest was begging to go outside and blow bubbles. Now mind you, some of you may not know we are in the midst of an obscenely hot summer that threatens to melt your faces off each and every day, but we are and it’s miserable to me since the humidity has been steadily climbing. So I countered with an offer of going out after dinner when the sun is beginning to set and it is not quite so hot.

After a dinner, during which Kidlet Two spills her plate not once, but twice, we proceed out to the backyard with bubbles being the highlight of the evening.

The kids had a blast playing with bubbles. We have one of those no-spill bubble containers with the giant wands so Kidlet Three was pulling out the wand and blowing while holding it about a foot from his mouth. Too cute! The girls darted back and forth between the swing set and the bubble station.

I snapped a few pictures. At one point I asked them to get together for a group shot. This is what they gave me.

Kidlets with the Spousal Unit

But it reminded me how much simple experiences mean and how much fun it can be. I’ve been so caught up in the stressful parts of life lately and it was nice to step back a little and just enjoy the moment. It’s time to do that more often, I think and stay in the moment with the kids and the spousal unit.

We’ll have to come up with another simple activity soon. What simple things do you like to do?

Theme Park Fun: Holiday World

At the end of July, we did our annual trek to Holiday World for some summer fun. Despite it being a Tuesday, the place was packed. We had a great time.

When we arrived, the kids rode some rides in the Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch section.


Kidlets One and Two riding the Carousel

Then we went up to Holidog’s Funtown where we arrived just in time for one of the shows. Kid Two loves music and dance. She watched and watched before trying her hand at some of the dance moves.


Kidlet Two trying her hand at the dance moves.

We ate lunch and then headed over to Splashin’ Safari where we tried out the new Safari Sam’s Splashland. Before we even made it back to the dressing rooms to change clothes, Kidlet Two fell asleep. Once we were changed, we headed back to the regular park section where Kidlet One had a few more things she wanted to do.


Kidlet Two slept while Kidlet One rode the kids rollercoaster.

Everyone except the husband slept on the way home. It was an incredibly fun, exhausting day.

Not that I’ve been to many theme parks, but Holiday World is definitely the best I’ve ever been to. Not only is there free sunscreen, soft drinks (lemonade & water included) and wifi, but the park is clean, the staff is friendly, and there are plenty of safety features to help locate any separated children and parents.

I downloaded the iPhone app before we left, but I didn’t really use it because we were all together. Also new this year were scannable bracelets that you could load money to and then use at nearly any location within the park. I think both of these features would be excellent for taking pre-teens and teens on trips to the park.

Each year the park works hard to bring a great experience and they deliver every time. I love all the things we can do together as a family.