NaNo 2012: An Update

In theory, this should have been about my third or so post updating you on my awesome NaNo progress. I would be trucking along to my first win EVAH! Sadly, I will not be a winner this year. Remember a few posts back where I mentioned that something big would come along and blow my dreams out of the water? That happened.

However, it was not something bad this year and I will take that as a small victory. I was offered a new job this month. Here I was worried that March would arrive and I would have nothing in place to support my family. I interviewed for this job months ago and never heard a thing. I’d written it off. Then out of the blue, I received a job offer for a position within the company I am temping at. It’s a different department than where I’m at now. Sweet! Ironing out all the kinks and fulfilling the pre-employment stuff ate a bunch of my time, but it’s worth it.

So, where does that leave my writing? I am behind. Unless I could escape from my job and my family for a week, there is no hope of catching up. I’m cool with that though. I am going to keep going and hopefully have a decent story when NaNo ends. Then I will be alternating two WIPS to completion.

Tomorrow, there will be a Thanksgiving surprise for all two of my readers. We will be having a guest interview of a fellow writer who had a book release earlier this month. Bring your fans because it’s going to get hot in here!