NaNo Prep: Local Meet & Greet

NaNo Participant Badge 2012

Participant Image for NaNo 2012

As NaNoWriMo quickly approaches, participants are hitting up their local regions to meet up with others trying to hit that 50,000 milestone.

In a different mindset from year’s past, I decided to participate actively in my region. Friday night was the meet & greet event for the region.

This year’s group looks to be the biggest group of participants ever in this area. There were 30 or more people attending. I didn’t really think that we would have that many people in our area wanting to write, period. Our leader did a terrific job of organizing things and we all got to chat with each other.

It was quite a bit of fun. I think this  will be a very entertaining year for NaNo and I’m pushing myself to become more of the active participant with the hope that this will pressure me to truly compete and win this year.

Good luck to all my fellow writers!