2012 Goals and Progress Thus Far

So way back at the beginning of the year, you know when people usually do it, I came up with a list of goals I wanted to work towards in 2012. Then I alluded to posting them and never did. But I have been working on them and the first part of this year has been crazy and full of change.

1. Writing
(a) Fiction – I want to finish my Jess & Tyler novel this year, preferably before NaNo.
(b) Blogging – Obviously I want to blog more often.
(c) Side Job – I’d like a writing side job so I can get more professional writing experience.
2. Finances
(a) Credit Card Debt – This is a big goal for this year.
(b) Savings – This needs to be done.
(c) Save for a House – We need a bigger house to accommodate all of us.
3. Career
(a) New Job – DONE! I started a new job at the end of February!
(b) Start a business – I would like to start a home-based business.
(c) Build said business
4. Home/Family
(a) Declutter – We need less stuff
(b) Hold a yard sale – Get rid of unneeded stuff
(c) Decorate – Make our house more of a home
5. Children
(a) Better Routines – Have a smoother, better run evening
(b) Regular storytime – The kids like it when I read to them and I do too!
(c) More 1-on-1 time – Everybody needs some time with Mommy or Daddy all alone
6. Marriage
(a) Implement a date night – We rarely get time alone these days
(b) Build better communication – And we rarely get to talk to each other
7. Food
(a) Shrink grocery budget – Spend my money better so I can spend less of it
(b) More freezer cooking – Makes dinner a breeze
(c) Try new things – Certain members of my family could use to extend their palates.
8. Health/Self
(a) More exercise – Regardless of the weight management benefits, I need to exercise more
(b) Meditation Time – I need something zen to counteract the stress I have going on

There’s a lot here. I don’t intend to accomplish it all this year, but I’d like to make measurable progress in every category. I think for April I will focus on a couple of areas and really work hard to accomplish them. Then I can go from there. Wish me luck Internetz!

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