I Mention Chaos for a Reason

So I have blogged enough now that I am starting to get search results. The first one was this:

life chaotic with toddlers?

Dude, that’s a whole concept in this blog. With three small children five and under, it’s totally chaotic. Now don’t get me wrong, most days it’s a good kind of crazy. Little monkeys are running around playing, climbing and generally causing kid mischief. You have to watch where you step because a kid could be under foot at any moment. This is the kind of daily chaos I love.

Lately I’ve seen an upswing in the bad kind of chaos. You know the kind where you want to pull your hair out and scream loudly, pillow optional. A lot of it can probably be traced back to me. There have been lots of issues lately and I’m having a hard time dealing with everything. I’m stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and that’s just the physical symptoms. I’m also emotionally and spiritually overloaded.  Everything feels like too much.

I’m trying so hard to not take my negativity out on my kids as I try to figure out how to deal with it and fix my situation.

Of course, nothing beats when one of the kids comes up and wraps me in a big hug say, “Gotcha Mom!”