Merry Christmas to Me – A Little Early

Yesterday I ordered a netbook for me, for writing. I’m so excited. It has a little spunk, being purple and all. I was a little hesitant to spend that much money on myself right now, but my dad encouraged me to do it with a gentle reminder that something good for my life may come out of it. He also forgave the remainder of a loan I owed him because I felt it wrong to spend that much money on something I didn’t absolutely need when I should repay him.

I have plans for my little netbook. Yes, indeed, I have plans. That poor little sucker is going to get carted around everywhere with me so that I can write on it when I get a spare minute. I want to write both fiction and nonfiction, as I seem to have an undying love for both. I can keep my little snippets of ideas right there on the computer to pick up any time I need them. The hope is that this will work better for me than writing everything on paper during the day and then trying to transcribe things at night.

My biggest problem is my fractured mind. I constantly feel overwhelmed with stuff all the time. I’m stressed about my lack of time at home, the things I really need to get done and the things I really desire to do in life. The netbook won’t be a cure-all, but I hope it will bring about a bit of continuity in my life. If I’m stuck waiting somewhere, I can take advantage of the fact by picking up right where I left off on something. This is currently a bit of a problem for me because I can’t always remember where I left off unless I have it with me and I just don’t have the time to transcribe every day.

So I’m looking forward to it arriving and I’ll see how it goes.